As we enter a time period of economic unrest and a possible new recession, I can’t help but think about my own finances. When I started working in high school the minimum wage was $5.15. In 2021 in NY the minimum wage was $13.20 an hour.

That income comes out to less than 30 thousand dollars a year. $25,344 to be exact. When gas costs over 5 dollars a gallon, that money does not go very far. I always wonder what it must be like to not have to worry about money. To not have to live paycheck to paycheck. To not have to have more than one job just to make ends meet. Googling median incomes, I came across this graphic on the wealthiest towns in every US state.

Reviewing this list, did you know that three of the wealthiest states per this list are the ones that also have the highest homeless population? Just driving down the streets of Los Angeles California, there are hundreds if not thousands of homeless people. Can you imagine what one of these ‘richest towns’ would be able to do if they had more shelters or more funding for people who fall afflicted from being homeless? Rhetorical question, but food for thought. I will say that homeless camps mar the beauty of some towns and likely detract from the profit they could make.

Then I wonder why towns like Warwick Rhode Island is less than 73k household median income when everyone thinks that people from the NewEngland area are wealthy. It blows my mind, and honestly if i’ve learned anything from this chart is not to judge a book by it’s cover so to say. Finances are dicey to discuss whatever situation you’re in, and assuming can be harmful to people. I mean, who really thought that Clyde Hill Washington would be so wealthy and considered the richest town in the state when i’m sure most folks have never heard of it. Uneducated before this chart, I would have assumed it was Seattle, Washington due to all the tourism. Of Course I looked up Clyde Hill, and their real estate matches their claim to fame here! Luxury, beautiful homes nestled in the foothills of Washington state just east of Seattle. Seems like a dream.



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