How does poverty effect healthcare access?

Poverty can affect people in many different ways. People who have a low socioeconomic status may also come from areas with poor education and poor job opportunities. Residents of these impoverished areas in the US are also at an increased risk of mental illness, chronic disease and lower life expectancy. This undoubtedly puts even more strain on the elderly population in these impoverished regions.

Older adults in poverty experience higher rates of disability and mortality too. Looking at this included map below, you can see which parts of the US have states with the highest rates of elderly in poverty. This map below that also shows the percentage of people 65 and above who avoided getting health care because of cost.

Going by the data collected from the CDC in 2018 and presented by a team at, these are the rankings of states with the highest to lowest percentage of seniors who avoided getting health care due to the cost in the US: