I have never been great with money. I have a spontaneous personality and when I want something I just grab it. That is great when it comes to packing a bag and heading out on the road for a last minute adventure, but it is not so great when it comes to saving and budgeting money.

money burning

When I was a teenager I would spend the majority of my money at the mall on new shoes or my favorite store at the time, Abercrombie. Yea I’m not sure why I was so obsessed with spending one hundred dollars on jeans with holes in them but now I sound like my mother. In my 20’s most of my money went to my car and my fancy motorcycle I just needed to have and promptly dropped on the asphalt two weeks later. I’m halfway through my 30’s and I can tell you my spending habits now include a mortgage, planning a wedding, retirement plans and wine and cheese nights. I’m curious to know where most of my funds will be going in the next ten years. I came across this graphic of Average Expenditures By Age Group in the US.

I was surprised to see people in my age group having the 2nd highest average expenditures in the group behind 45–54 years old. My age group spends the most money on housing and gas to get around although with the lockdown and work from home, I have spent the least amount on gas these last 12 months than I ever have. How does your spending stack up against the rest? If you are in need of budgeting resources I’ve compiled these helpful links below too:

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